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Salient Features of Inspiration Centre
Over the years Inspiration Centre has succeeded in striking a balance between professionalism, institutionalization and community involvement, as well as active involvement of the families, specially the mother.
Its salient features are:
Young children below 6 years are taken into the classroom and early intervention services are provided on a regular basis. This has resulted in rapid improvement of the children, and checking many of the behaviour problems which otherwise become established by that age. There's no substitute for early detection and intervention. Through proper care, stimulation and intervention almost 75% of damage may be prevented from deteriorating into disability. It has been seen practically that in a nurturing environment in the least restrictive conditions the child may reach a remarkable level of improvement. Most schools in Delhi do not have these services.

IQ is not taken as a criterion for admission. Children below IQ50 are also taken, and given specialized training in self-help skills. This is a deviation from other special schools in Delhi.

Children from slums and low-income bracket are given free training at the Centre.

The mother is encouraged to come along with the child. Free hands-on training is given to parents, as a result of which consistency is maintained at home and the institution. This results in rapid improvement of the children.

Inspiration Centre is the 1st Institution in Delhi to conduct the Ist, IInd and IIIrd level Care Giver's Training under the National Trust, a statutory body, under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

All Teachers and Caregivers are highly qualified and dedicated, who jointly work as a multidisciplinary group to provide quality services to the special children.


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